Colder Weather Home Maintenance

With the weather changing and the air getting a little cooler, it’s time to turn your attention to you homes. We’ve teamed up with some other local home improvement/maintenance professionals in Mesa to bring you a few industry secrets for keeping your home in tip top shape during these cooler months.




Johnson Roofing has been helping homeowners in Mesa for over a decade. This company will help you with all your roofing needs. Check out their five awesome tips for homeowners to keep in mind as they prepare their roofs for this winter.

  1. Inspect your shingles. Walk around the perimeter of your home to see if you notice any missing shingles. Also look for loose shingles. These may blow up and allow moisture to enter your home. Make a note of where you suspect any damage.
  2. Look for gaps or cracks in your roof. High temperatures can cause damage to your roof. Some of the materials may expand, causing them to crack and leave gaps. This creates openings for water to enter. This can result in leaks or mold and mildew growth.
  3. Inspect the inside of your home. Do a walk-through on a sunny day to see if you spot any leaks or water spots on your ceiling. This may be a sign of shingles that have pulled loose. Don’t forget to check the attic!
  4. Inspect any seals in your roof. Are there any gaps in the seals around the chimneys, skylights, pipes, or other openings? If so, you may need to repair gaps or replace flashing to prevent water from entering your home.
  5. Clean out the gutters. Get a jump on those falling leaves by making sure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out. A buildup of leaves can keep the water from flowing properly, creating the chance for water damage to occur.

They also stressed that if you suspect damage to your exterior, you should immediately call a professional rather than risk injury climbing onto your roof alone.





New Image Landscaping is dedicated to bringing beauty to your yard and property. They have helped countless individuals transform their outdoor spaces. These tips will help you stay on top of your yard maintenance this season.

  1. New Mulch for your Plants: Does your garden have bare areas that need tending? Add some mulch to those bare areas so your plants can stay healthy throughout the fall
  2. Fertilize your Lawn: Just before the fall and winter seasons hit is the perfect time to provide your lawn with nutrient rich fertilizer. This will make sure your lawn has adequate nutrients, and looks greener and more healthy when the spring months come
  3. Maintain your Pool: Check the pool chemistry once every week or two to ensure it’s within a pH of 7.2 to 7.8. Also, don’t let debris stick around in your pool – stay on top of your cleaning and maintenance all year round!
  4. Add some Color with Fall and Winter Flowers: Just because it’s not spring, doesn’t mean you need to let your landscape wither and die. Fill your landscape with beautiful flowers that flourish during Arizona’s mild fall and winter months so your landscape can stay beautiful year round!





We know how important it is to be able to park your vehicle in the garage, but we also understand how difficult that can be without a proper storage plan in place. At Garage Storage Mesa, we are dedicated to helping homeowners take back their space.

  1. Set Aside Enough Time: It’s important to give yourself enough time to complete your organization project. We all know how frustrating it can be to run out of time and have to leave the job unfinished. Based on experience, if the job is left undone, it’s hard to return to complete later.
  2. Declutter: Honestly ask yourself if you need 3 edge trimmers and eliminate the extra items in the garage. Host a garage sale, sell things online or donate to your local donation center. Cutting down clutter is the first step to an organized garage.
  3. Pests Love Clutter: Take away hiding places for roaches and scorpions by getting your items safely off the floor. Utilize wall and ceiling space to store your items instead of piling boxes on the floor that can easily fall prey to the elements or pest invasions.